Project MK-Ultra – Brainwashing by US Government

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MK-Ultra was the codename for a secret experiment carried out by the CIA. It begun in 1953 and its intention was to learn about the effects of certain drugs on the human brain to use for interrogation purposes. This was an illegal experiment was carried out on non-consensually people.

The US Government become suspicious that drugs had been used against a Hungarian man named Cardinal Mindszentry. Mindzentry was the leader of the Catholic Church in Hungary and during his trial he admitted to crimes that he had never committed and seemed disoriented throughout.

Another example was when US prisoners of war who had been captured in Korea and returned home. The prisoners were convinced that the USA had used biological weapons in Korea and that the Korean life was much better than that of the Americans.

This had convinced the Americans that the Koreans must have used some kind of brainwashing techniques to alter their memory, so the Americans decided to invest $25m in their own experiments.

MK-Ultra was to be developed by Dr Sidney Gottlieb, with his goal of wiping the memory of a human and installing a new memory.

The Nazi’s were well known to have been experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs in the concentration camps during World War II and therefore Gottlieb employed Nazi and Japanese scientists to discuss their practice.

They imported over $250,000 worth of LDS into the USA to experiment on subjects. This was the first time LSD was brought into the USA and since then it has become a recreational drug.

Horrific experiments were recorded, such as overdosing people on LSD to see if it wiped their memories. These poor people thought they were participating in research for schizophrenia; however, a much darker reason was behind the experiments.

These experiments were carried out in colleges, universities, hospitals, and prisons.

MK-Ultra was first made public in 1975 by the Church Committee of the USA. The CIA Director Richard Helms tried to cover up this experiment by destroying all files and evidence. However, many participants came forward to testify and some documents had survived which led to Senate Hearings.

Sidney Gottlieb

Many of the participants won filed lawsuits and received out of court settlements. Some were reported to be up $750,000.

It is believed that only a small portion of what happened during the experiments has ever made it public, meaning the full extent must be absolutely horrifying!

When a story like this becomes public, it always makes you wonder what other projects the government have been involved in that we know nothing about.

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