Proof that Aliens built the Pyramids

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Are you one of those people who look at the ancient Egyptian pyramids and wonder how they were built? Well, the mainstream history books will tell you that the pyramids were constructed by ancient Egyptians using primitive tools and techniques. But what if I told you that there is a possibility that the pyramids were built by aliens?

The Evidence

There are many theories that suggest that aliens helped build the pyramids. Firstly, the construction of the pyramids is simply too advanced for ancient Egyptians to have accomplished on their own. The precision of the stones used and the accuracy of their placement are simply too perfect to have been done without some kind of advanced technology. Secondly, the size and weight of the stones used in the construction of the pyramids are simply too large and heavy for primitive tools and techniques to have moved them. It’s almost as if some kind of anti-gravity technology was used to lift the stones into place.

Alien Technology

There is evidence to suggest that aliens had advanced technology that far exceeded anything that ancient humans possessed. For example, the ancient Egyptians did not have the technology to cut through granite, yet the pyramids contain granite that has been cut with extreme precision. It’s possible that aliens provided the Egyptians with advanced tools and techniques to accomplish this feat. Additionally, some of the hieroglyphs found in Egyptian tombs depict what appear to be flying saucers and other advanced technologies that could only have come from extraterrestrial sources.

The Sphinx Connection

Another piece of evidence that suggests the pyramids were built by aliens is the Sphinx. The Sphinx is located near the pyramids and is believed to be even older than the pyramids themselves. The Sphinx has also been studied extensively and shows signs of having been carved with advanced technology that the ancient Egyptians did not possess. Additionally, the Sphinx has been found to contain underground tunnels and chambers that are not currently accessible, leading some to speculate that they were built by aliens as part of a larger complex.

Alien Contact

There are also numerous accounts of ancient Egyptians having contact with extraterrestrial beings. For example, the ancient Egyptians worshiped gods that were depicted as having the heads of animals, such as the jackal-headed god Anubis. Some believe that these depictions are actually of extraterrestrial beings that the ancient Egyptians encountered. Additionally, there are accounts of ancient Egyptians seeing strange lights in the sky and witnessing mysterious phenomena that could not be explained by anything other than alien contact.


Despite all of this evidence, mainstream historians refuse to acknowledge the possibility that aliens were involved in the construction of the pyramids. Some believe that this is because they are part of a larger cover-up to keep the truth from the public. It’s possible that the government and other powerful organizations are aware of the extraterrestrial involvement in the construction of the pyramids but are keeping it secret for their own benefit.


In conclusion, while mainstream historians may tell you that the pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians, there is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that they were actually built by aliens. From the advanced technology used to construct the pyramids to the depictions of extra-terrestrial beings in Egyptian art and literature, there is a compelling case to be made for extraterrestrial involvement. Despite the efforts of the government and mainstream historians to cover up the truth, the evidence is there for those who are willing to see it. So the next time you visit the pyramids, ask yourself: were they really built by humans, or were they constructed with the help of extra-terrestrial beings?

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