Optical illusion that’s baffling social media

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The optical illusion of the black expanding hole has become a viral sensation on social media. This illusion features a black hole that appears to be expanding when in reality, it is actually remaining the same size. The effect is achieved through the use of a series of concentric circles and alternating colours.

The illusion has captivated the attention of many people due to its ability to trick the eye and create the perception of movement where there is none. It has also led to discussions about how the brain processes visual information and the role of perception in our understanding of the world around us.

While the black expanding hole may be a fun and fascinating visual trick, it also serves as a reminder of the power of illusions and the importance of critical thinking. It is essential to approach what we see with a healthy dose of scepticism and to question our assumptions and perceptions to gain a deeper understanding of the world. The black expanding hole is just one example of the many illusions that can shape our understanding of reality, and it is up to us to stay curious and continue to explore the limits of our perception.

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