The mystery deaths at Dyatlov Pass

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Time to read: 2 minutes

Time to read: 2 mins

On 1st February 1959, nine student ski-hikers all mysteriously died in the previous USSR mountains known as Dyatlov Pass.

The group had been hiking for a few days, however on the day they were due back, they never returned.

Friends and families feared the worse as they reported the group as missing.

After a few weeks, a search team were sent to the mountains to try and locate the group, however they were horrified with what they found.

The 9 ski-hikers at Dyatlov Pass

First, they found their tent. It had been ripped open from the inside and all of the hikers belongings were scattered around the tent, however none of the group were there.

As they continued the search at Dyatlov Pass, they found 2 bodies. Both bodies had no underwear and neither of them were wearing shoes. Following this discovery, the other 7 bodies were found all in different locations, with a 1 mile radius.

One body had a fractured skull, another a fractured arm, one had their eyes missing and another their tongue missing!

Their deaths were a complete mystery and there were several theories as to how they died.

One theory was simply hypothermia, but this was questioned as this didn’t explain their injuries, why they were so far apart or why they were all partially naked.

Another theory was whether the Russian military were involved as there was a miliary base less than 100 miles away in this very remote location, however there was no evidence of this.

Another theory was the phenomenon called “infrasound”. This happens when the wind interacts with the surrounding mountains and causes a very low humming noise. This noise can cause vertigo, imbalance, etc.; intolerable sensations, incapacitation, disorientation and nausea. As Dyalov Pass had huge mountains, this was a plausible theory.

The wind was reported as to have reached 40mph that night, so this could have easily caused infrasound.

In the past this effect has confused people into thinking they are warm when in fact they are not.

So the best theory we have today is the following happened at Dyatlov Pass:

The hikers pitched up their tents as normal, however the winds really picked up over night, causing infrasound.
The low humming noise confused them and made them think they were warm, this would explain why some were partially naked.

The wind and disorientation caused them to panic, cutting themselves out of their tents and trying to run.

Eventually they died from hypothermia.

As their bodes lay undiscovered for several weeks, its likely that birds of pray found the bodies and started eating their eyes & tongues.

So this is the current theory, however no-one knows for certain exactly what happened that night at Dyatlov Pass.

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