Project Blue Book – The Official UFO Study

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Time to read: 2 minutes

Time to read: 2 mins

In the 1940’s, UFO sightings were becoming more and more common. The first well known example of this was when in 1947, a civilian pilot called Kenneth Arnold reported seeing 9 fast moving objects over Mount Rainer in Washington State. The US air force launched an investigation into these sightings as they were becoming concerned as to their origin. By 1952, these investigations were taken serious enough that the government set up a new project called “Project Blue Book”.

Project Blue Book run from 1952 to 1969 and is the longest known official government investigation into UFO’s. Apparently there worked through reports of over 10,000 sightings.

Although history shows there have always been reports of flying objects, it was during World War II that they were officially referred to as UFOs.

Many believed that these could be secret military crafts, however this has never been confirmed nor denied.

The most famous case was that at Roswell, New Mexico. The initial reports were that an alien craft had crashed and had been recovered by the US military, however over the coming days, this was dismissed by the Army as nothing other than a weather balloon.

To this day, conspiracy theorists still believe that there was a cover up at Roswell and that the government did in fact recover an alien craft and were studying it to reverse engineer the alien technology.

It is believed that the US were also concerned that these sightings could have been Soviet crafts and that is the main reason that Project Blue Book was set up. However, conspiracy theorists still believe it was set up to monitor visitors from space.

The sightings were getting more media attention every day, and this was causing the population to become more nervous, with many assuming that we were now being visited by aliens.

However, out of the reported 12,618 sightings, over 90% of these were labelled as “identified” as either weather balloons, astronomical or man-made.

Eventually in 1969, Project Blue Book was officially terminated as there were not considered a threat and that there was never any evidence to suggest that these were extra-terrestrial visitors.

To this day, no one knows for certain whether the US government did in fact find evidence of alien existence.

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