Roswell – What really happened?

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On the J.B Ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico, William Brazel made a shocking discovery. It is reported that he found the wreckage of an alien ship.

At the time he discovered the wreckage, William had never heard of flying saucers however there were many over reports of UFO sightings in the area.

The first news report of this even was on July 8th, 1957 by the Roswell Daily Record. The headline was “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”.

This report caused mayhem as the country were convinced that they were now being visited by extra-terrestrial  and that the government now possessed an alien ship as proof.

There were rewards being offered to anyone who found one of these flying saucers.

The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) were quickly sent to the ranch to investigate the Roswell crash sight and recover any debris.

It was reported that Major Jesse A.Marcel was one of the first on the scene and that he gathered up some of the debris to take home to show his son. The debris apparently had hieroglyphs on it that looked like a language not known on this planet.

The story hit the headlines again in 1978 when Marcel agreed to an interview with Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman. In this interview Marcel claimed that the discovery was not from this world and that the government had informed him to stay quiet about the event. It was then assumed that a significant cover up had taken place that day.

 After several TV documentaries about the Roswell incident the United States Airforce confirmed that the original weather balloon story was in fact inaccurate. They then said that the craft was from a secret project called “Project Mogul” and this was a high-altitude balloon designed to pick up sound waves from Soviet atomic bomb tests. They also said that that it contained microphones and were made from strange material, something that could be mistaken for a UFO.

However, the Army were quick to dismiss this story and later released a statement that the debris recovered was nothing other than a weather balloon. At this point it was assumed that this case had been closed.

Due to the ever changing story from the government, people were reluctant to believe them and the theory that an alien spaceship had been recovered only intensified.

So the official story is that it was a balloon, however this had been modified to track Soviet atomic bomb activity. Even though there are witnesses who say it was not from this world, the government have always dismissed their accounts.

Was it a balloon from this world, or a craft from another world? Maybe the truth will eventually come out.

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