The 500 Million year old Hammer

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In 1936, Max & Emma Hahn were taking a walk along Red Creek, London, Texas when they noticed a rock that had a piece of wood sticking out of it. They decided to take the rock home to break it open to see what was inside.

They were amazed that inside appeared to be a preserved hammer which they knew must have been ancient as it had been embedded in a rock.

The hammer is dated as over 500m years old

They decided to contact an archaeologist to review their finding. They were astonished but confused when they studied the rock, as the rock was dated to be more than 400 million years old. They were eve more stunned when they tested the iron of the hammer, only to discover that this was dated at over 500 million years old.

The study showed that the hammers head was made of more than 96% iron, much higher than any naturally evolving material, making this even more of a mystery. If the hammer was indeed man-made, then how could it be over 500 million years old?

Does this destroy the evolution theory and prove that humans have been on this planet much longer than history has told us?

However, this study has been questioned and the initial dating has been contested.

Although this was an amazing find, an investigator called Glen Kuban says that the hammer is unlikely to be as old as initially thought.

His theory is that a miner dropped the hammer only 100 years ago and the rocks then formed around it by a geological process known as Petrifying Well.

Petrifying Well is where water can turn anything into stone within approximately 5 months. It is due to the natural process of evaporation and an unusually high mineral content.

So was this really a 500 million year old hammer, or just a century old hammer that went through the process of Petrifying Well?

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