The dead woman that named her killer

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Teresita Basa was born in the Philippines in 1929. In the 1960s, she moved to the USA to study music. After completing her studies she went on to work as a Respiratory Therapist at Chicago’s Edgewater Hospital.

Teresita Basa was a quiet lady, who worked hard and model citizen. However on February 21st 1977, the fire department were called to her apartment after a report of a fire. When the fire crew arrived, they entered the building to find a burning mattress. They were horrified when they discovered her naked body underneath the mattress.

Dead Woman, Teresita Basa, names her killer

At first they assumed she had tried to hide under the bed to avoid the smoke, however a more sinister reason was obvious when they found a butchers knife still embedded in her chest. There were also signs that she had been sexually abused prior to her death.

These immediately opened up a murder investigation, however, due to the fire, any evidence had been destroyed. Over the next few months, investigators hit a brick wall as there was no evidence, and they could not find any motive.

5 months later, the investigation took an unusual turn.

A co-worker of Teresita Basa called Remibias Chua, came forward to say that she had been having dreams about the murder. Even though she was not present at the murder. Her husband also said that she had been talking in her sleep and the voice sounded like her co-worker and murder victim Teresita Basa.

During one of these episodes, Remibias was asleep and started talking using Teresita Basa’s voice. She started saying that her killers name was Allan Showery.

When Remibias woke up, her husband explained what had happened, and both Remibias and her husband said that they had never heard of the name Allan Showery and had absolutely no idea why she was saying this name in her sleep.

They thought about phoning the police but assumed the police would just laugh at them, so they decided not to contact them.

The next night, whilst Remibias was asleep, she once again started talking in Teresita Basa’s voice. This time she said “Why have you not called the Police? I have told you who did it.”

This time Remibias’ husband did contact the police, and Detective Stachula listened to them. Although he thought this was crazy, the detective decided to look up the name “Allan Showery”.

The detective was amazed when they found out that Allan Showery was in the area and was due to fix Teresita Basa’s TV that night, so they brought him in for questioning.

The detective then contacted Showery’s girlfriend, and she confirmed that her boyfriend had given her jewellery that night. The detective asked if he could take the jewellery and show it to Teresia Basa’s family.

The family were horrified as they confirmed that all the jewellery was indeed hers.

Allan Showery was immediately brought into the police station to explain the jewellery, and after questioning him, he finally admitted that it was him that had killed Teresia Basa.

Showery pleaded not guilty to Teresita’s murder despite his confession. On February 23, 1979, he made the decision to enter a guilty plea following a mistrial, receiving only a sentence of fourteen years for his cold-blooded crime.

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