The Truth about Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy is one of Americas worst Serial Killers. He raped and murdered 30 woman between 1974 and 1978 before engaging in necrophilia with many of their bodies.

Ted Bundy was born in Vermont to single mother Eleanor Louise Cowell on November 24th 1946.

During his school days, he was very quiet and did not get on well with any other student. His childhood was disturbed by the frequent moving of house.

Ted Bundy

His mother had told Bundy that she was actually his sister and that his grandparents were actually his parents. His grandfather, who he thought was his father, was known to be violent and regularly beat his birth mother and grandmother.

After he found out about his parentage, he became more dominant and left home.

Once an adult, Ted was very handsome and full of charisma. He was very bright and went on to study law. He spent his spare time working alongside politicians during elections.

Ted Bundy’s first victim was Joni Lenz, an 18 year old student at the University of Washington. She was raped with a bedpost however survived the attack.

Some of Ted Bundy’s Victims

He them went on to kill another 5 woman and was nearly caught at that point when he was pulled over one evening by the local police. Masks & handcuffs were discovered in his vehicle, however, somehow Bundy was calm and convincing and managed to talk his way out of being arrested.

If the police had arrested him that night, then he would have been stopped at “only” 5 kills. Instead he was released and went on to kill another 20 woman.

When Ted Bundy was finally caught and arrested, he admitted killing 30 women in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. He was later found guilty of three murders, but some believe he could have killed as many as 100 people.

Ted Bundy was a very intelligent man with a reported IQ of 136. This is unusually high compared to other serial killers who usually have a much lower IQ.

Ted Bundy Smiles while being arrested

During 1969 and 1974 Ted Bundy was dating a woman called Elizabeth Kendall. At first she had no idea about Bundy’s other personality, however she did start getting suspicious and even contacted the police at one point, asking them to investigate him.

Ted Bundy was sentenced to death and put in Prison in 1980. Although the execution date was postponed several times, he was eventually executed on January 24th, 1989.

Fireworks and crowds cheering were heard outside the prison after the execution.

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